Flat Water Rates

The City of Modesto water bill for residents with flat rate water service is comprised of two charges:  

  • The Base charge is used for maintenance and improvements of our water system. 
  • The Estimated Water Consumption charge is determined by your lot size.  

These two charges are added together in the monthly rates for the various lot sizes as shown below.  

Single Family Residence Flat Water Rates (As of January 1, 2019)

Lot SizeMonthly Rate
0 through 5,000 Square Foot Lot$52.97
5,001 through 7,000 Square Foot Lot$60.89
7,001 through 11,000 Square Foot Lot$76.52
11,001 through 17,000 Square Foot Lot$99.87
Over 17,000 Square Foot Lot$111.65

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