State of California and National Resources

Mills Act

The Mills Act is a California law that allows cities to enter into contracts with owners of historic properties.  The contract provides a small reduction in property tax in exchange for preservation and maintenance of the historic property.  

State Historical Building Code

The California Building Standards Code, also referred to as the “Building Code,” is a set of requirements for the designing, building, and maintaining buildings in California.  It is updated and adopted by the California Building Standards Commission; Modesto then must adopt the Building Code for it to become effective.  The California State Historical Building Code is a separate code that recognizes the unique issues associated with maintaining and adapting historic buildings to new uses. 

California State Historical Building Code

Historic Resources Survey

In the early to middle 1990s, Modesto prepared a historic resources survey with the help of historic resource consultant Carey & Co.  At the time, the survey reviewed potential historic resources that were at least 50 years old, the age deemed potentially significant by the State of California.  The survey primarily involved evaluating a resource visually; additional historic qualities may be present in some resources.  The survey is most useful if it is maintained because buildings that have reached the 50-year mark since the Carey & Co. survey was prepared may be considered historically important.

To find a property, visit Carey & Co. document pages.  Properties appear in numerical order.

Modesto’s Landmark Preservation ordinance